GDBA's Exceptional
Family Health Plan

GDBA strives to be the best at everything and that includes healthcare. Our associates have earned this plan, and we’re dedicated to making sure it remains the best health plan in America today.

"Nobody you know or I know has a health plan that’s anything like this."
–Gavin de Becker

  • Introduction

    At Gavin de Becker & Associates, our people are family minded, capable, intelligent professionals who enjoy ease-of-service, who want a choice of doctors and facilities, and who appreciate support for their family when they need it the most. Our culture is not like one of those companies full of sickly people who need every kind of insurance coverage for diseases, but who aren't getting any kind of benefits that they'd really like. So, we’ve developed a family-friendly Healthcare Plan that recognizes that we are active, physically fit, don't smoke cigarettes or use drugs, and desire the best possible care for our families.

  • Healthcare Realities in America

    After years of research, we’ve discovered a few unsettling realities about America’s healthcare system.

    • Healthcare costs have doubled since 2008, doubled for companies and doubled for employees
    • More and more companies are substantially reducing benefits, or dropping healthcare entirely

  • Reasons Why GDBA’s Family Health Plan is Exceptional
    1. Children are Free
      GDBA pays the entire monthly premium for all our associates’ children.

    2. Reliable Insurance through Anthem Blue Cross
      GDBA’s medical, dental, and vision coverage is insured by one of the world's largest insurance carriers: Anthem Blue Cross. Our associates get to choose between different plan options, to best suit their needs. The Blue Cross Provider Networks Nationwide includes many choices of doctors, medical specialists, alternative medicine providers.

    3. 100% Covered Preventative Care
      All preventative care (i.e. checkups and physicals) is free. This means neither GDBA’s associates nor their families pay a copay or a deductible of any kind for preventative care.

    4. Neovia Customer Service
      Our Neovia customer service team ( offers a fully staffed customer service center that acts as the liaison between GDBA and Anthem. This helps GDBA associates cut through the red tape to ensure the most seamless process possible for all their healthcare questions and needs.

    5. Low Prescription Costs
      Cost to our associates for most prescriptions is Ten dollars.

    6. Free Telemedicine
      Our plan provides associates with access to state-of-the-art healthcare technology through a 24-hour live tele-medicine program called “24/7 Nurseline.” This way, all our associates and their families can access a 24-hour live telephone consultation with real nurses - and at no cost to our associates. If in the middle of the night an associate --or their spouse or child-- is experiencing symptoms of an illness, he or she can call “24/7 Nurseline” immediately, explain the symptoms, and receive professional medical advice on what to do next. This kind of immediate medical advice saves many people from unnecessary visits to emergency rooms, and will certainly add to any family’s peace of mind.

    7. Paternity Leave
      Our male associates receive the rare benefit of one week Paternity Leave in addition to their paid vacation time off.

    8. $10,000 Benefit Paid for Severe & Debilitating Medical Crisis
      If a GDBA employee faces a severe and debilitating medical crisis, GDBA will provide immediate and decisive assistance of $10,000. This can be used for any purpose (flying out a relative to help, paying for extra childcare, paying for professional assistance – anything). This benefit is entirely funded by GDBA and not provided through any insurance policy – because no insurance policy has anything like this.

    9. Alternative Medicine
      Acupuncture, acupressure, holistic care, massage therapy, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, and chiropractic care are all covered on GDBA’s medical plan.

    10. Flu Shots
      Flu shots are 100% covered.

    11. Future Moms Program
      If an associate or a spouse is pregnant, we know the goal is to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Our voluntary Future Moms Program helps associates and their families make healthy choices while they’re pregnant and when they deliver their baby. 24/7 toll free access to a registered nurse, informative pregnancy literature, pregnancy tips and facts to help handle unexpected events, questionnaire to see if an associate or their spouse is at risk for preterm delivery, and much more.

    12. Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
      Covered by GDBA’s health plan.

    13. Mail Order Prescriptions
      Mail order prescriptions are also covered. This is a great feature for employees and families who need regularly prescribed medications. And for generic drugs, associates and their families will get a 90 day supply via mail order, for the same copay as 30 days at the pharmacy!

    14. Impact Basic Course
      The health plan provides IMPACT Basics Course for any female GDBA associate who wants to go through this excellent training - 100% covered by GDBA.

      And for covered wives of our associates, the plan provides a 50% subsidy for IMPACT training. is their main web site and affiliates can be found nationwide.

    15. Dental Coverage
      Dental coverage is through an Anthem PPO plan that enables GDBA associates to choose their own dentist.

    16. Vision Coverage
      At a time when many companies are dropping vision coverage, GDBA is keeping ours -- offering free vision exams, for a $15 copay.

    17. Lasik or PRK Eye Surgery
      For 2+ year GDBA associates, we provide a $1,000 reimbursement for all Lasik or PRK eye surgery.