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AMERICA IS OVERCAST WITH BUDGET CUTS, hiring freezes, salary reductions, layoffs, and most law enforcement agencies aren't even hiring. At the same time, GDBA is growing fast, providing exceptional private security career opportunities to exceptional people. As police academies lock their doors, GDBA is filling a new Academy class every three months.

  • Merit Bonuses and Increases to Salary

    Associates who contribute exceptional service can gain earnings and/or bonuses at any time.

  • Benefits

    See our Benefits Page to learn more about the Nation's most impressive health plan.

  • Travel Opportunities

    Many GDBA protectors travel with our clients and protect them across every continent in every conceivable location, including scheduled public appearances that range from political rallies to book signings and award shows, as well as film locations, business meetings, sporting events, and personal travel.

  • Flexible Schedules, Vacations, and Overtime

    All Associates begin their careers with a one-week paid vacation per year. Some associates work four days per week with three days off. Others choose to work more and earn additional overtime. In either case, associates can request specific days off that are almost always granted.

  • On-going Advanced Training

    The Gavin de Becker Institute (GDBI) offers numerous Training Academies free of charge to all associates. GDBI can provide the equivalent of a graduate degree in public figure protection.

  • What Affects the Earnings Range?

    In public figure protection, work and earnings are affected by many variables in clients' lives - travel, schedule of protection, emergencies, and special risks being just a few examples. Earnings are also affected by many variables in each protector's life, including region of residency, bonuses, special assignments, exceptional performance, special skills, leadership ability, predictable overtime opportunities, and unpredictable overtime opportunities.

    Past experience and professional background also figure in determining each associate's starting pay.

  • Long Term Success and Future Earnings Increases

    Though an associate's background affects his initial earnings, his ultimate earnings and long-term success are most influenced by Invisible Qualities like positivism, integrity, ability, readiness, preparation, curiosity, commitment, willingness, energy, and courage. Those are the qualities we value most highly and those are the qualities that produce the most results. By way of example, we have fourth-year associates making $60,000 and fourth-year associates making more than $100,000. At GDBA it's all about merit.

    GDBA provides some qualified candidates with all-expense paid scholarships to attend the Essential Protection Skills Academy (usually select candidates who might later be offered employment). Learn More.

    Employment at GDBA is subject to successful completion of a full background investigation, drug and nicotine screening, Physical Ability & Readiness Test, in-person interviews, and finally, GDBA's Essential Protection Skills (EPS) Academy.

  • Financial Advantage

    This unique benefit aims to educate all GDBA associates in Personal Finance. This program includes budgeting one’s income, reaping additional tax benefits, and investing wisely through 401(k)s, Roth IRAs, Money Markets, and other investment / saving strategies. Through the Financial Advantage, associates will also have access to books, educational videos, financial calculators, and personal financial advisers -- and all at no cost! These benefits specifically include hard copy and Kindle editions of best-selling personal finance books (Paid for by GDBA), online personal finance training programs (Paid for by GDBA), and a free appointment with your own personal financial adviser -- an advisor our Chief Financial Officer has personally screened and interviewed.