Find Your Niche

GDBA protectors are more than just bodyguards. A security career at GDBA includes proficiency in first aid, technology, and defensive tactics. And many of our associates step outside their protector roles to help with recruiting, investigations, and training. When you branch out, when you expand your abilities, you add to our mission and future.

Michael LaFeverPresident

Bryan N.Director, Threat Assessment
and Management Division

Many GDBA associates carve a niche that illuminates their unique abilities,
and serves their Vehicle for Success.

  • Medical

    Many have gained an EMT license; some instruct other associates, as well as attendees at our Academy.

  • Technology

    Many associates help improve our Command Centers, troubleshoot our equipment, make gear recommendations, test new technology, and develop our training strategies.

  • Water Survival

    Some associates are qualified lifeguards who instruct at our EPS Academy.

  • Firearms Instructors

    Qualified instructors teach the combat pistol package at our Academy, train our current associates, and ensure everyone is up to date on their firearms qualifications and permits.

  • Martial Arts Instructors

    These associates instruct other protectors on defensive tactics and arrest procedures.

  • Designated Recruiters

    A large number of our protectors are designated recruiters who help locate and recruit the best candidates in their regions. They also travel to assemblies, job fairs, and military bases, speaking to groups and meeting candidates. Finally, our recruiters conduct physical fitness tests and interview prospective candidates in each region.

  • Research and Writing

    A few of our protectors specialize in writing, research projects, and public speaking. There are many ways to express yourself at GDBA; as a result of these opportunities (and the value they hold), you can earn more opportunities and a higher salary.

  • SSA Investigators

    An elite group of Security Staff Agents operate within both our Protective Security Division (PSD) and Threat Assessment and Management Division (TAM). These protectors are true cerebral men and women of action -- physically and mentally fit associates well versed in all aspects of security and threat assessment. Nominated by members of GDBA’s senior management, SSA Investigators team up with GDBA’s senior threat assessment analysts on a variety of confidential projects and investigations.