Forward We Go

Through Constant and Never-ending Improvement, GDBA associates are catapulting themselves into the most respected legion of protectors the world has ever known. Stretching from Hawaii to London, GDBA continues to grow…

Fritzroy A.Director, Quality in Protection

With hundreds of full-time protectors (and growing),
GDBA continues to exemplify the industry’s highest standard.

  • Ambition

    GDBA encourages all its associates to shoot for the stars and become exceptional. Through the Gavin de Becker Institute (GDBI), an upwardly mobile career path is attainable for any associate. And within our merit-based system, associates can quickly become managers and lead a protection detail, gain an EMT license, and become a GDBA training instructor. Anything and everything becomes possible at our firm for those career-oriented associates who are willing to work hard, invest in themselves, and grow.

  • Future

    Ten years ago, Gavin de Becker & Associates was based in Los Angeles, and most of its assignments were there. Today, we have regional offices in fourteen cities, including New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, and London. GDBA’s future is unlimited, and it’s an exciting time to be at this firm!

  • Standards

    To be a GDBA associate, one must be completely trustworthy, committed, physically fit, professional, willing, effective, and capable. As we grow larger, our standards become more rigorous. Our commitment to being the best defines this firm. Our comfort-zone is at the apex of the performance pyramid, and nowhere else. At GDBA, only your best will do.