Recruitment and Selection

GDBA’s next generation of protectors, managers, and executives begins with our Recruitment and Selection Division.

We aim to recruit and select the most impressive members of America’s Warrior Class.

Ed H.Director – Recruitment, Selection, and Training

Upcoming Recruiting Events


Camp Horno First Tuesday Hiring Event

Camp Pendleton

Building # 53528

12:00 PM- 2:00 PM


TRS-29 Palms

29 Palms

Bldg. 1530, 202/203

8:00 AM- 10:00 AM

Qualities We Look For

Beyond physical and cerebral attributes, GDBA protectors have integrity: They can be trusted. They also have strong interpersonal skills, energy, and positivism.

  • What You Are versus Who You Are

    We’re less interested in what you are than who you are. What you are includes your experiences in the military, law enforcement, or executive protection. In the military, what you are might include overseas deployments, your rank, awards, and other valuable experiences, accomplishments, or titles. We don’t discount your past actions, experiences, or achievements – those all matter. We believe, however, that character matters most – and that is who you are.

  • Positivism

    Positivism elevates the human spirit. People who spring out of bed, look in the mirror, and know, “What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it” are exactly the people we‘re looking for.

  • Commitment

    To work extended hours and remain alert throughout a long night requires commitment. And to make a career in public figure protection also requires a long-term commitment. We’re looking for eager professionals ready to jump in the deep end – and begin not just a job, but a career.

  • Confident Communication

    GDBA protectors are superb communicators who can explain their actions and provide concise answers. Every time a client calls a GDBA protector in the command center late at night and asks, “What was that noise? I heard something!,” our protectors inspire confidence through clear, certain, and reassuring answers -- and actions. The better our clients sleep at night, the happier we are with our work.

  • Awareness

    GDBA agents are cerebral men and women of action who operate in the Now, continually aware of their surroundings, and therefore, able to act effectively. By taking stock of our environment and opening our senses to the moment, we gain Awareness and better notice disruptions and evolving hazards. Awareness ensures we’re never caught off guard. (To learn more about this, we recommend you read Mr. de Becker’s books -- particularly The Gift of Fear and
    Just 2 Seconds.)

  • Physically Fit

    A career in public figure protection is a physical one. We ensure this active culture by providing free gym memberships to all of our associates. Additionally, we gauge every associate’s readiness and fitness through mandatory and ongoing physical readiness tests. At GDBA, we want exceptional people; therefore, if a protector lets himself go physically, we let him go too – it’s that simple. We live and enforce our standards, and if you want to work with professionals who challenge themselves and each other, then we’re the place for you – and we want you.

  • Curious

    The energy to discover, the energy for advancement, and the energy to become great, begins with curiosity. Our protectors read about protection, speak about protection, write about protection, research protection, and of course, provide protection. Curiosity is the fuel that leads to constant and never ending improvement.