The Right Fit

You’ll be the best candidate you can be if you understand the unique challenges and requirements of a security career at GDBA. Throughout the competitive selection process, we intend a fair and successful experience for every committed candidate.

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Please read about the following topics and determine if our firm is the right fit
for your specific career goals.

  • Realities of our Work

    The Right Mindset

    There are many myths about protective work. We encourage you to search out the truths on your own to ensure that this line of work is right for you.

    Client’s First. The safety and wellbeing of our clients is always this firm’s priority.

    Passion. Working in the Protective Services Field is not for everybody. Public figure protectors must have a genuine passion for this work. People without this passion will find GDBA to be a poor match, and perhaps too difficult. There are much easier jobs.

    Flexible. Public figure protection often involves emergencies and schedule changes. In our firm, you should expect to work challenging schedules (differing shift hours, nights, holidays, being called in on days off, etc.). As you advance at GDBA, your schedule may become more stable, however new challenges of course accompany advancement.

    Schedule Changes. The schedules of our Security Staff Agents are volatile, affected by a range of influences. For example, a mentally-ill pursuer calls and threatens one of our clients at 2am on a Saturday morning, or a client decides at the last possible moment to attend a charity dinner, or a political development requires emergency travel, or a public appearance is postponed – these things and many others affect the work schedules of protectors.

    Autonomy. We work long hours, often in high-risk situations. Additionally, we work in situations that require each person to be able to self-supervise.

    Protecting Our Clients Wherever They Are

    A career in public figure protection means we protect our clients where and when they need us most. This means protecting them around the clock, and protecting them where they spend a majority of their time: at their homes and workplaces. It’s precisely at these locations that public-figures are most frequently attacked, so the home and workplace are where we invest many of our resources, training, manpower, and technology.

    If you’re serious about a real career protecting public figures (not a job, but a career), it’s likely that a majority of your time protecting at-risk public figures will be at their homes and at their work -- places where they’re most at-risk and where they spend a majority of their time.

    Protecting Clients Through Effective Command Center Work

    Operating an array of technology, communication assets, and detection devices on many of the best-known estates requires protectors who are smart, trustworthy, and energetic. Inspiring confidence in the world’s most at-risk public figures requires protectors who are physically fit, effective communicators, completely trustworthy, and always ready.

    In short, we’re looking for protectors who can do it all. Here are a few examples…

    Proficiency. Master all communication assets, detection devices, and other security-related technologies within a property’s command center.

    Communication. Effectively communicate to a wide audience -- from the gardener to the house manager to the protectees themselves.

    Access Control. Monitor or escort all vendors and/or guests on the property.

    Multitask. Prioritize a multitude of security tasks.

    Clear Written Expression. Write incidental and supplementary reports with clarity and insight.

    Readiness. Having the right equipment and mindset reflects one’s readiness, particularly through the night.

    Confidence. Through one’s actions, inspire continual confidence from the protectee.

    To learn more about GDBA Command Centers, click here.

  • Hiring Process

    To apply for a position with our firm, the first step is to complete our Online Information Request Form and Questionnaire. We’ll review your information and answers right away, and if your background and qualifications appear to be a good match for our work, we’ll contact you via email.

    Successive steps in the selection process are contingent upon a candidate’s qualifications and performance up to that point of the selection process.

    Physical Readiness Test

    Our firm commits to our clients and our associates that all our protectors will remain physically fit and ready for duty. The following requirements (tested at least annually) will be strictly applied, with no room for interpretation or uncertainty:

    Male Protectors

    Age Pull-Ups Pushups Situps 1-Mile Run
    20-26 5 40 50 8:00 Minutes or less
    27-39 4 35 45 8:30 Minutes or less
    40-45 3 30 40 9:00 Minutes or less
    46+ 3 25 35 9:30 Minutes or less

    Female Protectors

    Age Flexed Hang Pushups Situps 1-Mile Run
    20-26 20 Seconds 20 45 9:00 Minutes or less
    27-39 15 Seconds 15 40 9:30 Minutes or less
    40-45 15 Seconds 12 35 10:00 Minutes or less
    46+ 15 Seconds 10 30 10:30 Minutes or less

    Male Field Analysts

    Age Pull-Ups Pushups Situps .25 Mile Run
    20-26 2 25 30 2:15 Minutes or less
    27-39 2 20 30 2:30 Minutes or less
    40-45 1 15 25 3:00 Minutes or less
    46-49 1 10 20 3:30 Minutes or less
    50+ 1 5 15 3:45 Minutes or less

    Female Field Analysts

    Age Flexed Hang Pushups Situps .25 Mile Run
    20-26 10 Seconds 15 30 2:15 Minutes or less
    27-39 10 Seconds 10 25 2:30 Minutes or less
    40-45 5 Seconds 5 20 3:00 Minutes or less
    46-49 5 Seconds 5 15 3:30 Minutes or less
    50+ 5 Seconds 5 15 3:45 Minutes or less

    Pre-employment Background Investigation

    We are most concerned about your honesty during the process. A problem in one’s background might not disqualify a candidate who is otherwise a good match, so long as the candidate is honest about it. Things that occurred when a person was young, or things that can be resolved once the details are fully understood will not automatically disqualify a honest candidate. We are less concerned with you were five years ago, and profoundly concerned with who you are today (an honest and trustworthy person).

    A few examples from our extensive screening process:

    • Credit history
    • Driving history
    • Derogatory filings (i.e. tax liens, bankruptcies, etc.)
    • Criminal history
    • Sex offender registry
    • Civil litigation history
    • Civil court history
    • Employment verification
    • Education verification
    • Contacting references
    • Corporate filing history
    • Professional license search and confirmation
    • Urinalysis examination
    • Pre-Employment drug and nicotine screening

    Gavin de Becker & Associates is drug and nicotine free workforce. Our associates all pass pre-employment testing in these areas, as well as pass random testing throughout employment.

    GDBA Locations: Domestic and International

    All positions within our Protective Security Division are fulltime and require permanent residency in one of the
    following regions:

    Los Angeles, CA
    New York, NY
    London, England
    Atlanta, GA
    San Diego, CA
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Palm Springs, CA
    Orange County, CA
    San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    Lake Tahoe, CA
    Seattle, WA
    Washington, DC
    Chicago, IL
    Austin, TX
    Dallas, TX
    Boston, MA
    Milwaukee, WI
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Miami, FL

    Interview Process

    Most applicants who happen to be outside the above cities will need to make a trip to one of our regional offices for portions of the interview process. The cost of travel for interviews and all expenses incurred during this process are the responsibility of the applicant. There is no guarantee of employment.

    Essential Protection Skills Academy

    Candidates who appear to be a good fit for GDBA will be awarded full scholarships to attend the Gavin de Becker Institute’s Essential Protection Skills Academy (EPS). Attending the EPS Academy affords an opportunity to learn about protection work, earn a Certificate, and gain insight about whether GDBA is a good match for you.


    GDBA provides all its training in-house at no cost to its associates. Initial training is eighteen weeks, during which associates are paid and work as protectors in a GDBA region. During this period, associates complete the Advanced Protection Skills Academy (APS). Additional training is provided continuously throughout each protector’s career.

    Reading Requirements

    The following books will be required reading for newly hired associates. Serious candidates are encouraged to obtain and read them now in order to learn about GDBA. and answer many questions you might have.

    The Gift of Fear, available from
    Just2Seconds, available from
    On Combat, available from

  • Necessary Skills

    Our work is high-stakes and requires the best candidates. Successful candidates are people of unquestionable standards of ethics, honesty, integrity, and the highest self-discipline. They are courageous men and women who place the mission first. They are in superb physical condition and committed to excellence in all aspects of their lives. They possess excellent communication skills, keep their word, and honor the truth.


    • U.S. Citizenship or U.S.C.I.S. Registration (Birth Certificate, Valid U.S. Passport, DD214, U.S. Naturalization)
    • Non-U.S. citizens must possess a valid state ID, I.N.S Registration, and proof of residency
    • High school graduate
    • Minimum age: 21
    • Possess a valid driver’s license
    • Superb physical condition
    • Pass a review of law enforcement, criminal, and Court records
    • Though not required to interview, all applicants must possess a valid state guard and firearms card prior to beginning our training Academy
    • Must pass pre-employment drug and nicotine screening (GDBA maintains a nicotine-free workforce)
    • Successfully pass the pre-employment Physical Readiness Test
  • Tips for Applicants

    In order to be the best possible candidate for employment with our firm...

    • Research our firm completely: Conduct your own web research, watch all videos on YouTube that relate to Gavin de Becker, etc. Review our Website completely: Press every button, read every link.
    • Read these books for valuable insight about our work and history: Just2Seconds and The Gift of Fear
    • If you smoke or use tobacco in any form, quit. Since nicotine use and addiction reduces and impairs the effectiveness of protectors, GDBA maintains a nicotine and drug-free workforce.
    • Fill out your application completely – even if some information also appears on your resume. Incomplete applications will delay or stop your application process.
    • After the Physical Readiness Test, come to any interviews dressed in formal business attire.
    • There are several websites that offer credit reports – you may consider reviewing:
    • Learn about the security field.
  • FAQs

    Do you hire for part time positions?

    No. All of our positions are fulltime.

    Can I be hired for detail work only, or does everyone have to work at a fixed site (Command Center)?

    All Security Staff Agents, including our most senior protectors, are assigned at one time or another to fixed sites (Command Centers) as well as detail work.

    I’ve used nicotine in the past. Does that make me ineligible?

    Past use is not a problem; our no-nicotine policy applies only to current use.

    I am currently deployed overseas. When should I apply?

    We recommend that applicants submit their resume 60-90 days prior to availability.

    I have a lot of experience. Would I still start at an entry-level position?

    Almost always Yes. Every Manager, Instructor, and Principal in our firm started in an entry-level position. However, some types of experience result in substantially higher earnings right from the start, and advancement can be faster if your experience is applied wisely to your work. At GDBA, you can definitely benefit from having relevant experience.

    Can I mail or fax my information?

    We prefer you go to our Online Request Form and Questionnaire and upload your resume there. Faxing is not a good method for sending your information, however, you can use regular mail if you choose.

    Regular Mail:
    Gavin de Becker & Associates
    ATTN: Recruitment and Selection
    11684 Ventura Blvd.
    Suite 440
    Studio City, CA 91604

    Does Gavin de Becker & Associates offer internship opportunities?

    We do not offer internship programs in the Protective Security Division. We do, however, provide some qualified candidates full training scholarships to our Essential Protection Skills Academy.

    I don’t live in one of the regions listed. Can I commute long distance?

    No. Since we provide an emergency service, all of our associates live within reasonable proximity to our
    clients and offices.

Command Centers

Strategically positioned at many of the world’s most prominent estates (often underground), GDBA Command Centers form the nucleus of our protection efforts.

Command Centers

The Command Center Advantage. No person sees like an eagle or hears like a bat; our vision, hearing, and smell take us only so far. In the Command Center, however, our sensory limits can be expanded to superhuman levels. Cameras, infrared beams, motion detectors, listening devices, and other elaborate sensor systems magnify our vision and hearing, gaining us valuable time and space when identifying and responding to a hazard.