Ben Z.

Ben Z.

  • U.S. Air Force Security Forces
  • Metro Atlanta Police Officer

I always wanted to be a police officer. Raised in a law enforcement family, I thought lights and sirens were in my blood.  Yet after four years in a metro area police department, the seniority-based culture and pre-set career track suffocated my ambitions and limited my growth.  Eventually, I chose the private sector and GDBA where my future wasn’t determined by tenure or departmental politics, but through my own willingness to work hard and be great.

Before becoming a police officer, I enlisted in the US Air Force.  At that point my plan was simple: Complete my service in USAF Security Forces, use the GI Bill, and enter law enforcement.

Once a police officer, I felt like I was in the Air Force again.  Lost in the sea of blue uniforms, the structures of military and law enforcement are one size fits all and designed to fill the streets with hundreds of cops, not harness the unique strengths of each individual officer.  Though an individual law enforcement officer can make a positive difference in other people’s lives, rarely can he change the bureaucratic tides that determine his own career and future promotions.  In short, he’s not in control, the agency is.

At firms like GDBA, a few great associates can actually change the entire organization.  Yet as a police officer, I saw some great cops get frustrated with their lack of mobility, turn negative, and start marking time for their paycheck and government pension.  Not me. I don’t want to spend the next twenty years marking time, so I decided not to settle.  Because my ship wasn’t coming in, I decided to swim out and meet it!  So I began looking for an organization where my performance, not time, determined my next promotion and where my performance, not time, increased my earnings and filled my retirement account.  This led to GDBA.  It was a brand new world.

GDBA’s promotion by merit culture stoked my ambitions. Unlike the government’s system, GDBA rewards the ambitious individual.  If you agree that overachievers can learn more in one year than underachievers can in ten, then GDBA might be the place for you.  Sea stories, high-speed training certificates, and elite units mean less to us than an individual’s willingness to learn, work hard, and embrace change.  Performance at GDBA is never measured through the past; the present is all that matters.

I’m now a Regional Director, protecting some of the world’s most at-risk public figures, and leading our entire east coast security operation.  And I’ve only been at GDBA for five years!  Had I stayed policing full time, I’d still be on a patrol unit.

Close your eyes and picture a kinetic organization spread across the world, and loaded with a legion of protectors who work with poise, confidence, and intelligence.  They protect at-risk individuals who are changing the world and who desperately need protection.  These protectors challenge each other to grow bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter. They operate in an organization where leaders earn their promotions, where everyone has skin in the game, and where becoming the greatest protection firm in world history is their continual goal.

Ben Z.