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Edward H.

  • Graduated United States Naval Academy
  • USMC Infantry Platoon Commander

I left the military after serving eight years as an infantry officer.  There were many great parts to my military years, and just like any large institution, there were also irrational rules, thoughtless regulations, and a rigid rank structure that often rewarded seniority over competence.  I was determined to find a private sector career that rewarded merit, audacity, and common sense; to work alongside free-thinking men and women of action.  I found this and more at Gavin de Becker & Associates.

GDBA is elite and we’re more than just bodyguards.  GDBA agents are experts in first aid, water survival, counter surveillance, evasive driving, and threat assessment.  GDBA agents travel the globe, live in every major American city, and protect the Nation’s most at-risk public figures.  GDBA agents also research, write, and lecture on many aspects of high-level security.  In short, GDBA agents are cerebral men and women of action.

After the military, I saw many friends take the corporate-government route – a road packed with corporate headhunters, government agencies, and “security clearance” career fairs.  The corporate recruiters pushed jobs in pharmaceutical and medical sales, and promised big pay checks for crunching numbers and selling fake teeth.  When I considered a career in government, along with its close cousin in military industry, things were even worse.  I did not depart the military’s leviathan of red tape, I concluded, to join another bureaucratic behemoth that awards time in service over performance and innovation.  I felt stuck.  I didn’t want a one size fits all career.

Like GDBA’s target demographic, I wanted to be exceptional.  On a Google search in 2009, I saw a private sector opportunity that appeared to be a cutting edge and growing security firm led by a nationally recognized expert in protection.  This might be it, I thought.  Had I discovered an alternative to the trite careers adjoining the military-industrial-government slog?  This place seemed different and fresh—a growing company where I could blaze my own trail.  I had discovered Gavin de Becker & Associates.

GDBA associates live in Los Angeles, New York, London, and San Francisco - cities wonderfully free of a large military footprint, cities that are the social and cultural opposites of Jacksonville, NC and Fort Hood, TX.  GDBA seeks men and women of action who will advance in a pulsating urban environment.  At GDBA, your creative mind and productive abilities are valued and rewarded, not only with money, but with responsibility and satisfaction.  Most of the top jobs at GDBA never even existed until an individual associate saw the need, created the position, and then filled it.  To all new associates, I say this: Know your strengths, develop your strengths, and deploy them!

Future opportunities are only restricted by the limits of your own imagination and willingness to work hard.  Even over the past six years of America’s stagnant economy, GDBA has never reduced anyone’s pay or laid-off a single employee.  In fact, the company continues to grow.  How is this possible, you ask?  Because we are a young and active firm, not a slow-moving dinosaur waiting for the next federal bailout.  We work in vibrant cities, we value merit and detest bureaucracy, and we are hungry for a future without limits.  We are cerebral men and women of action.

If you are too, then we want you.

Best -
Ed H.