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Gavin de Becker & Associates protects people who are at risk, advises clients on the assessment and management of situations that might escalate to violence, and develops strategies for improving safety and privacyProtective Security Services

Though we cannot offer specific recommendations to non-clients, we have developed the Resources section of this website for the general public.  There you will find information, books, training videos, articles, and links we hope will be of benefit.  For anyone affected by domestic violence, this site offers a no-cost risk assessment that can be done anonymously.

Combating the Fear of Terrorism

Articles by Gavin de Becker

Apocalypse Not Now

“What's the bottom line?” people often ask me. “Will terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb? Spread smallpox? Release nerve gas? What’s the worst case scenario?”

You have probably known someone who experienced a trauma, and you may have seen that person later reliving the tragedy. There is also such thing as pre-living a tragedy. Exactly as we benefit from letting go of the past, millions of Americans will benefit from letting go of the worst-case future. Someone proposes a so-called worst-case scenario (as if there could be any objective view of what would constitute the worst case), and then the scenario gets discussed so much on television that it comes to seem like a likelihood. read on >

Media Fear Tactics

It would be interesting if the standards of Truth in Advertising were applied to television news as they sometimes are to television commercials. In that unlikely situation, TV news writers would be required to use phrases and words that convey accurate information – as opposed to the phrases and words they use today.

I want to help you break the code of alarming newspeak so that you can more easily find the valuable information that may (or may not) be part of a story. read on >

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Just 2 Seconds

"The definitive reference for protectors, authoritative and thorough, riveting and powerful."

Col Dave Grossman
Author On Combat &
On Killing

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The Bulletproof Mind

"The single most important training series for police officers."

Chief Gary Mayers
South Williamsport PD (1990–2001)

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