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Academy for Protectors
Essential Protection Skills Certificate Course

GDBA provides high-level protection training to government and law enforcement agencies, to some qualified private organizations, and to some qualified individuals. 

The Essential Protection Skills Certificate Course is eights days of full immersion training, day and night, at our Southern California training camp.  Housing and local ground transportation is included. GDBA provides some qualified people with all-expense paid scholarships to attend the Essential Protection Skills Academy (usually select candidates who might later be offered employment).

Students receive classroom teaching and extensive experiential courses including: 

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Command Center Operations
  • Confidential Security Precautions
  • Water Safety & Rescue Techniques
  • Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
  • Secure Transportation
  • Tactical Firearms
  • First Responder & Field Medicine
  • Protector / Observer / Warrior
  • Stress Inoculation
  • Principal & Press Interaction
  • The Way of the Superior Protector
  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Technology

These courses provide scenario-based training that simulates the situations and experiences protectors encounter, as well as classroom learning, and in-the-field exercises.  Rigorous physical activity requires all students to be exceptionally fit.

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“The EPS Academy taught me the core skills of protection. The Marine Corps training was just blunt force, and blunt force is good for the work I did, but the core skills of protection are what you need when you are responsible for the safety of someone with a billion dollars. I learned to be able to talk to a client as a person and not as someone intimidating.  You also need to know how to talk to someone who is a threat, and get information out of them.  This and much more the EPS teaches you.”

EPS Graduate


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Training Staff

Jeff Marquart and Tom Taylor are among the training staff, along with other nationally recognized practitioners.  Tom Taylor is the author of Dodging Bullets and Mortal Shield.  He served as President of The National Governors Security Association, 1989-1997. 

Jeff Marquart is co-author (along with Taylor and Gavin de Becker) of JUST 2 SECONDS.  He is Executive Vice President of Gavin de Becker & Associates.

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