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Our Services

Our clients have designed this firm.  It is built to respond to their needs, and thus, it is always growing and changing.  We have services today that none of us imagined 36 years ago, and resources that would have seemed like science fiction back then.

Our people attend Presidential Inaugurations on one coast, the Oscars and the Emmys on the other. We have toured Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and the South Pacific—learning about violence in those places.  We’ve accompanied clients in hot-air balloons, armored limousines, riding on elephants and rickshaws, avoiding hostile crowds, and being smothered by adoring crowds. We’ve testified before Senate committees and toured secret government installations.  We’ve had staff meetings while floating down a jungle river in the dead of night.  We’ve ridden in presidential motorcades one week and in buses used to transport prisoners the next.  We’ve been chased by tabloid reporters and we have chased them right back.

We are called upon by our government when some zealot shoots an abortion doctor or opens fire on federal employees.  We are called by prosecutors to assist on major trials that involve stalking or the prediction of violence.  We advise famous people who are the targets of would-be assassins, stalkers, unwanted pursuers, and intrusive news-gathering methods.  We counsel cultural leaders on how to navigate between being hated too much and being loved too much.  We advise corporations, universities, and government agencies on managing employees who might act out violently, and we help managers reduce unwarranted fear.

What binds all of this together is prediction and prevention of violence—and the management of fear.