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High-stakes Investigations

Our investigations range from the standard to the unique, all conducted with a long track record of discretion, confidentiality, and thoroughness.

Our firm has developed creative techniques that have contributed to the success of some of the Nation’s major cases.

Unfortunately, the private investigation industry, such as it is, has many unprofessional and unethical players. When discretion and confidentiality are important, call our investigations staff and at least run the situation by them.

Gavin de Becker

Investigating Unwanted Pursuers

Cases involving unwanted pursuers differ from traditional investigations in several ways. For example, they must be conducted entirely without the knowledge of the subject. They also aim at gathering information relevant to future behavior rather than just past behavior. Unlike conventional investigators, our people are trained to identify and deal appropriately with mental health issues, intervention strategies that avoid worsening cases, and special cautions that best serve safety.  This type of investigation requires creative methods of gathering information. Pretext work, surveillance, and confidential sources are used in conjunction with databases to provide the most relevant and reliable information.

Due Diligence Investigations

When investments, alliances, or partnerships are being considered by clients, we conduct assessments of business entities and their principals. We examine and validate (or debunk) claims of economic stability, profitability, and liability. We also examine individuals who have significant positions within the entity.

Our work provides insight regarding credibility, reputation, financial standing, credit worthiness, and integrity.

Investigation and Management of Web-based Offenses

We investigate, assess, and help clients manage the wide-ranging and ever-growing Internet offenses.  These include impostors, posting of damaging and defamatory information, posting of private information and photos, web-based extortion, and false amendments to sites such as Wikipedia.  We help clients deal with criminal impostors, with persons claiming to be our clients on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., and many other offenses too numerous and too frequently evolving to list here.

Litigation Support

Although we are best known for complex high-stakes investigations, we also apply our resources to traditional cases, such as background investigations and assessments of witnesses and parties to litigation.

Electronics Surveillance Countermeasures

In order to protect the privacy of our clients’ communications (often during high-stakes litigation), we conduct thorough countermeasure inspections to identify listening devices and other vulnerabilities.

Covert Video Monitoring

We utilize the latest micro-technology to obtain video evidence of crime and other inappropriate activities.

Fraud and Theft Investigations

Our interviewing techniques and experience in the behavioral sciences have helped solve cases of embezzlement, theft, conflict of interest, industrial espionage, breach of contract, and a range of complex corporate fraud issues.