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Protective Security

Protective Security

A Message from Gavin de Becker:

Throughout my career, I’ve seen the shoddiness of firms claiming to provide security. Many assign part-time, moonlighting, or 2nd-career people who were never trained in protective work in the first place. Back in 1978, clients asked me to develop a more sophisticated service than the typical guard companies we’d all seen. Since then, our firm has provided more than 6 million man-hours of effective security, often facing unusual challenges. For example, we provided protective security at the largest single-artist performance in history, when Tina Turner appeared for more than 200,000 people at Maracanas Stadium in Brazil. Big event or not, the stakes are always the same, and we’ve applied the same high standard to protecting clients at thousands of public appearances, in more than 75 countries.

If a hotel in a third-world country doesn’t have an adequate fire-safety system, we’ll install our own wireless smoke detectors – or even bring a sophisticated pulley device that allows us to evacuate clients from twelve stories up. We travel with detection systems, cameras, and emergency pagers so clients can reach their protectors at any time.

Our special training includes areas you might imagine, such as emergency driving, but also areas you probably never considered, like jet evacuation techniques taught on-board aircraft simulators that actually fill with smoke. All our personnel are trained in the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED). They are trained in CPR and first aid, of course – though most firms can’t say that. (Actually, they can say anything.) We also train our staff in CPR for infants. How can firms whose clients have infants justify their lack of this training?

If you ever work with another firm, ask them to show you their training material, and see if they can produce any original material at all. Ask to see the actual personnel files with documentation showing what training each person received (if any) – and prepare to be disappointed.

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Protective Security Missions

Residential Protective Coverage

Security Staff Agents are trained in residential home protection and can respond to and manage emergencies, provide access control... Read more.

Global Operations Centers

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Corporate Security & Protective Services

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Public Appearances and Special Events

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Film Production and Performance Tour Security

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Emergency/Short Term Protective Security

At any hour, on any day of any year, our clients can immediately reach a member of our management team to arrange emergency security coverage. Read more.


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