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General Support Services

In addition to consultation, security, investigative, and assessment services, Gavin de Becker & Associates provides clients with a variety of non-security services.  In addition to their applicable skillsets, these professionals are:

  • Fully Screened
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Honorable
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Committed by Contract to Confidentiality

Personal Logistical Aide (PLA)

Personal Logistical Aides, or PLAs, assist clients who are traveling domestically and abroad, focusing on efficiency and comfort.  PLAs diligently prepare for smooth arrivals, overnight stays, transportation, and departures.  PLAs work with your office to coordinate and schedule airlines, charter flights, transportation companies, hotels, and restaurants.  Put most plainly, a PLA is an advance person for sites you visit.

Some convenience and efficiency derived from having logistical chores handled by a PLA:

  • You don’t stand around checking yourself into a hotel;
  • Your hotel suite is set up in the way you feel best accommodates you (foods, drinks, chargers, technology, pre-sent luggage, anything).
  • Coordinate with local law enforcement, security, and embassy services when overseas
  • Engage interpreters
  • Pre-screen and brief chauffeurs
  • Arrange airport greeters
  • Determine best driving routes

Travel is made more efficient and productive when PLAs arrange for the best-available transit through customs, or prepare for non-public arrivals and departures at locations, arrange private holding rooms for use prior to speeches/meetings/events, determine the location of restrooms, telephones, nearest medical assistance, etc.  At big events, while other prominent people are still waiting in line for valet services to bring their cars, you’ll be on your way home.

To ensure seamless service, we will develop a program whereby dedicated team members can fill both the security driver and PLA role – so that you come to know and have confidence in the individuals and their team leaders.

GDBA provides logistical support on film productions and musical tours.  We select and arrange local security services as needed, select housing, suitable drivers and transportation, and any other logistical steps to enhance convenience for our clients.

Our firm has provided logistical aides for clients at literally thousands of movie premieres, speeches, book signings, weddings, award shows, special events, talk shows, vacations, public appearances, and personal trips.

GDBA protectors are also available as requested, and work well with PLAs in affording safety as well as convenience.

Estate Management

Our Estate Managers are energetic professionals that are committed to absolute confidentiality and privacy.  They are supported by the entire resources of our firm, and benefit from a strong network of GDBA subject matter experts to call upon for any challenge.  After 36 years of experience supporting clients’ diverse requirements, our firm has exceptional insight into recruiting, selecting, and preparing the best candidates.

Medical and Emergency Support

Clients engage our firm to provide highly skilled and physically fit professional companions for circumstances that carry elevated risk of emergencies.  All of our 520 full-time employees are trained as medical first-responders, and some are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Examples of such circumstances include:

  • Mountain-climbing and hiking, water sports, cross-country skiing
  • Travel to areas with poor healthcare, such as under-developed countries
  • People who are elderly or who have special health concerns

In addition to first-responder skills, these professionals prepare for other types of emergency, as dictated by the circumstance.  For example, in remote mountainous areas they carry special GPS location devices and satellite communications equipment.  And they’re supported our 24/7 Global Operations Center.

Our professional companions, supported by the full resources of our firm in 14 offices, provide tremendous advantages anticipating and preparing for emergencies.

Domestic Worker Screening, Training, and Placement

Media figures and high-profile corporate executives benefit from training designed for members of their households.  We prepare people who might experience unwanted requests for financial assistance, demands for access, inappropriate inquiries, and so on.  Household staff at every level benefit from training and preparation for the unique challenges of public life.  Our firm also helps clients screen, interview, hire, and train nannies, baby nurses, estate managers, drivers, personal assistants, housekeepers, etc.

Note:  GDBA associates on these assignments do not wear body armor or carry the personal defense equipment carried by GDBA protectors on security assignments (e.g., firearms, pepper spray, handcuffs, etc.).