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Information Security

“Make slow careful choices about who to include in your life, and fast decisive choices about who to exclude.”

Prominent people are all too familiar with having private information wrongfully acquired and misused, and the future clearly points to a world where nearly all business and personal matters are conducted through computers, email, wireless networks, PDAs, etc., where such concerns will only increase.

So, as has often been the case over the last 32 years, our clients’ needs designed the direction of our firm. In response to clients’ concerns and requests regarding how to best protect themselves against potentially catastrophic information and privacy breaches, we formed our Information Security Division.

We’re committed to helping clients be better protected against the kinds of problems we all see in the news so often: breaches of confidentiality by employees, intrusions into email and home computer and wireless networks, identity theft, theft of confidential information on PDAs (like Blackberrys), etc.

Our clients need highly skilled experts auditing and managing the security of their information systems, and most of all they need to be served by people they can trust. Before we bring someone into a client’s life, we require nothing less than stainless steel integrity.

In the past, there were not many alternatives for our clients to manage their personal and/or home computer systems. For example, many of our clients utilized IT personnel from their company or from their lawyer’s or agent’s office. Though we are still on the front-end of the curve in the information age, we’ve already learned enough lessons to advise against mixing those personal and business worlds.

Information Security Audits and Penetration Testing

Gavin de Becker & Associates’ Information Security Division is available to fully evaluate your current home or corporate computer systems’ security. This service is equally valuable for both individual home and office networks.

In order to protect your electronically stored information, we evaluate your encryption methods, backup systems, and information security procedures. We also consider such areas as laptops, PDAs, wireless networks, digital video recorders and networked cameras, voice over IP phones, access control systems, etc.

Following an audit or penetration test, we provide a report of our findings and specific recommendations on how to reduce vulnerabilities. We are also available to facilitate those items you’d like to implement