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Pre-employment Screening and Background Investigations

When you hire a new employee you are predicting that the candidate will be well-adjusted, capable, honest, and productive. Having the most thorough and accurate information about a candidate’s background is key to making your best prediction.

People often comment that, had they known more about an employee’s background, they never would have hired him or her. Proper investigations are the best way to get accurate information.

We recommend a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s honesty, character, personality, and history. In addition to accessing public records and investigative resources, we interview former employers and co-workers, confirm educational history, account for periods of unemployment, and interview all references.

Our comprehensive assessments include the following information:

  • Identification and address confirmation
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Driving history
  • Criminal history
  • Credit history
  • Vehicle registration
  • Civil litigation history
  • Derogatory public filings (bankruptcies, tax liens, judgements, etc.)
  • Verification of prior employment
  • Interviewing past employers and other sources
  • Confirmation of education
  • Reference checks
  • Professional licenses confirmation
  • Corporate filings/general and limited partnerships
  • Fictitious business filings
  • Business credit report
  • Real property ownership
  • Watercraft/aircraft registration
  • Daycare licensing
  • Sex offender database
  • GDBA Internal database check (Pursuer Index)
  • In-depth website, blog, and Internet searches and evaluations

Interviews of references provided by the candidate are valuable for confirmation of specific facts on the application, however references predictably tend toward responses favorable to the candidate.  Accordingly, GDBA also identifies and interviews additional sources who often can give more authentic insight about a candidate.

There are Internet scams claiming to offer background investigations for ridiculously low fees (often less than $100), but, as with all services, you get what you pay for.

There is no way that an appropriate investigation can be done so cheaply. What some such firms are providing is simply a check of one or two on-line databases – this is no substitute for a comprehensive investigation and assessment.

We provide our clients a thorough report detailing what we checked and what we learned, organized to make assessment of the candidate as easy and informed as possible. We also provide the appropriate application forms, and the necessary releases for the candidate to sign in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other Federal requirements to ensure clients are properly protected against liability.