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Threat Assessment & Management

No aspect of a security program is more important than accurately assessing and managing potential safety hazards before they evolve. We are proud that our clients – even the most famous people in the world – are able to live relatively normal lives. Most drive themselves places, go out in public alone, and take their kids to school, just like anyone else. To accommodate this, it’s critical to do all that can be done to manage situations before they become safety hazards.

Few behavioral sciences have advanced more quickly than threat assessment, and we are proud to be key pioneers in this field. What we’ve learned through research and experience has helped debunk some tenacious myths, including the myth that people who threaten public figures are the ones most likely to harm them. In fact, direct threats are not a reliable pre-incident indicator of public figure attack, as demonstrated by this reality: Not one successful public figure attacker in the history of the media age has directly threatened his victim first. Communications that are alarming, bizarre or otherwise inappropriate are actually more significant than those containing direct threats.

A team of expert practitioners is dedicated to finding and applying the right approach to each case. We maintain long-nurtured professional relationships with police, prosecutors, mental health officials, and protectors of Government leaders. We’ve combined these resources with investigative savvy gained from experience on this specific kind of case. On any day, any of 24 hours, for the past 30 years, if a client or an official agency or an informational source dialed our number, they reached our staffed communications center. Resources like this really matter when they matter.

Gavin de Becker & Associates maintains the world’s largest library of inappropriate and alarming communications sent to public figures.  This is a superb resource for comparing new communications to existing cases.  It is also valuable for identifying people who communicate anonymously.  Our firm’s MOSAIC threat assessment system can automatically compare new cases to existing cases, factor by factor.  (The MOSAIC system we designed for our clients is now used by many Federal departments, as well as by agencies protecting the Governors of twelve states.  Read more about MOSAIC)