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Dodging Bullets: A Strategic Guide to World-class Protection
by Thomas A. Taylor


Available from Institute of Police Technology and Management

Protection – the duty of the bodyguard. A bad day on the job could result in bloodshed. Whether protecting a President or a celebrity, the bodyguard is only successful when his or her protectee is safe.

In this revised edition of Dodging Bullets – A Strategic Guide to World-Class Protection, Thomas Taylor outlines the standards for anyone involved in the protection industry. Throughout the book, he uses examples of both successful and failed assassination attempts to demonstrate what a bodyguard should and should not do. You will be amazed at how the slightest missed detail by a bodyguard can result in injury or death.

Mr. Taylor uses historical facts as well as numerous proverbs, versus and ancient quotes to illustrate how a bodyguard can achieve a world-class level of protection. He stresses the importance of how being prepared, remaining professional and keeping one’s distance from the protectee – while still remaining within arm’s reach – is the only way to be truly effective.

This book is a must read for anyone who is part of the protection industry, including Secret Service agents, police officers assigned to a mayor or other dignitary or private sector bodyguards assigned to a celebrity or CEO.