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Fear Less
by Gavin de Becker


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Gavin de Becker’s book The Gift of Fear showed millions of readers how to better protect themselves from violence and unwarranted fear. Now, in Fear Less, de Becker answers the questions many Americans have been asking since September 11th:

  Can air travel be safe?
  What is the risk of biological or chemical attack?
  Can the government detect and prevent future acts?
  How can we best talk to our children about what has happened and what might happen?
  What can individuals do to reduce fear and worry?
  What specific steps can individuals take to reduce terrorism?
  What are terrorists likely to do next?
  Most simply, is everything going to be all right?

De Becker says, “Just as your imagination has placed you in frightening situations, it is now time to place yourself in empowering situations, time to see that you have a role to play, and contrary to so many TV news stories, it isn’t just victim-in-waiting.”

Fear Less offers specific recommendations that can enhance our national security and our individual safety – and help put fear into perspective.

“In this war, there will be no captured beachhead upon which we can lay our fears to rest. So we are challenged to find safety and peace of mind in other ways.”

“You and I can be sources of reasoned information, insight, comfort, and courage. The more of us there are, the better – and though we may not be able to stop all terrorism, we can stop lots of terror. Let’s go further into the relevant topics than one can do in a sound bite, go into them without alarming bulletins and scary graphics, go into them without hype or politics, go into them just deeply enough to come out the other side.”

“Then you can see if you reach the same conclusions I have: that you can find your life in these times, that you can influence your own safety, that you can help protect your country, that you can manage fear, and that you are going to be all right.”