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Someone, Somewhere: Encounters with People and Places
by Roman Pryjomko


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‘Roman Pryjomko reveals many hearts. He invites us into a deep and personal experience of people who happen to live on the other side of the lines drawn on maps.’ So writes bestselling author Gavin de Becker (The Gift of Fear and Fear Less) in the foreword to Someone, Somewhere: Encounters with People and Places.

Geographer and prolific traveller, Roman Pryjomko takes the reader across the world - from Pakistan to Zimbabwe and the Middle East to South Africa - describing his personal encounters with extraordinary people and places. From having tea with the Taliban, accidentally meeting a notorious assassin, a casual telephone conversation with a deposed dictator and mass murderer, to witnessing a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda, the stories are vivid and poignant with unexpected humour and contemporary relevance to today’s news headlines. They offer a diverse travelogue and emotional roller coaster revealing an intriguing, complex, sometimes dangerous and frequently absurd world.

More comments about Someone, Somewhere: Encounters with People and Places:

‘Someone, Somewhere: Encounters with People and Places’ is a wonderful book, period. The ‘Hunting the Tiger’ chapter is captivating and the words about political correctness are strong and passionate. I have not been to Moscow but the ‘Shadow Play’ chapter took me there. The author’s travel experiences, compassion and writing skills all add up to something profound and valuable. This is a book that I feel, in these times of interest in the larger world (post 9/11) would be of great interest.’
—Gavin de Becker (USA)

‘It is riveting and entertaining and scary and joyful all at once and written in a very effective storytelling style that enlivens everything.

‘Time and again, I found myself wanting to know more about the author, despite the adventures so well told. In many respects, he is the most interesting of characters in these pages. What a wonderful read it is!’
—Dr. H. J. de Blij (USA), Author and Distinguished Professor of Geography