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What Others Say

“De Becker has a lot to say about crime and the fear of crime, and he says it persuasively… with empathy, reassurance, and common sense.”


“Gavin de Becker is a pioneer in threat assessment.”

Dr. Park Dietz
Hinckley Prosecution Psychiatrist

“Gavin de Becker's agency is considered unparalleled in public figure protection.”

NBC News

“Gavin and his staff provide what amounts to a secret service for famous people.”

Michael J. Fox in Esquire Magazine Article

“Gavin de Becker is the nation's undisputed expert on stalking and assessing threats to public figures.”

Los Angeles Magazine

“Your skill, knowledge and unparalleled expertise in this area were a tremendous contribution to this case for which I am deeply grateful.”

Marcia Clark
Deputy District Attorney for the trial of
Assassin Robert Bardo, 1991

“Gavin de Becker is the nation's foremost expert in the protection of the prominent.”

Linden Gross
Author of To Have or To Harm

“There's no equal to Gavin and his operation.”

William Mattman
U.S. Secret Service (1967-1980)

“All of us would hope that someday there will not be a need for the type of services you and your staff offer, but until then, nobody does it better!”

Michael Cantrell
Executive Director Corporate Security
Sony Pictures (1991-2001)